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  1. Are you using properly your 10 buyer request opportunities every day? Make your cover letter to the point. and also i notice your thumbnail images are not interesting. make them attractive and easy to read about your service in simple few words. All the best.
  2. sharing is not the only way of getting orders. you should use the buyer request power, you can send 10 request a day, so utilize it. And you should be active on fiverr from your computer as much long as possible.
  3. Hello guys, After a long time, I am writing again. I donโ€™t know how many of you like my posts lol but I still feel pleasure to share my experiences. Today I will share some points that will help new sellers to maintain regular clients and to achieve good rating from the client: Always show that you are very much dedicated to the job you are doing.Keep smiling, I mean you should always be cordial with your client.You have to be communicative, you should inform them about work progress so that they can trust you that you are working.You should ask them questions if you have confusion about anything, client loves clear minded personnel.When you are sharing your work, you should share your thoughts to explain what you felt about the work, i mean what you have tried to represent on the design.Do some research. you can talk to your client friendly so that you can read his/her as much as possible and you can also visit client profile to know more about them. that will make the deal easier.Clients always like prompt reply so you should be active.You should maintain to do lists, and you can divide your time easily so that no work be late, all clients are satisfied with you. Sometimes we become so unorganized and we focus on only one and think after completing one I will start another but its wrong you have to be very responsive to all your clients to build a nice relationship with every client.I think these points are huge asset for all the new sellers. Keep rocking. My old posts: Tips for new Graphic Designers-1Attention newbiesFor the clients (buyers) who are going to purchase graphic design services - Part-1
  4. Hello Honorable Clients, As a graphic designer, I have to share some things with the buyers who are going to place orders for purchasing some graphic design services. This article should publish step by step I think because today i am only talking about the branding related items. So, I am starting with some basic tips for the buyers at my part-1 article. Hope you will not mind at my words and hope you will honor my intention. I just want you to save your pocket from unnecessary expenditures and for avoiding unwanted cancellation and also saving the time of both seller and buyer, hope these articles going to help you. When you want to purchase a graphic design service that points you can keep in mind: Contact with your desired seller through inbox before placing an order and you should place the order when you think that particular seller can do that job and when you both agree with price and duration. You can search for designers by searching on the home page of Fiverr writing your desired service name and also you can search the good fits by posting a job on fiverr. there you got many bids and you can chat with bidders in detail through inbox and can also place an order directly. When you place an order or purchase a gig, there you have to fill up the requirement section, kindly be very conscious about filling it up perfectly, that will save your time by helping the seller understand the job clearly and to deliver your product on time. Things you should mention on the requirement section are: For logo, you can tell them whether they have to design a new logo or they have to modify and refresh your old logo. if it is just a modification then you can just add your old logo by telling why you dislike it and if you want a completely new logo then you should be more elaborate. You should mention what type of logo you want, what text(s) you want to put there, which files you want as delivery.For flyer, brochure, company profile, business card etc. you have to attach texts (better in PDF format) , have to attach your logo (so that they can follow your brand color), you should mention the page dimension (also you can mention if you want landscape designs), you can attach some pictures if you want to and lastly you should mention in which format you need to have all the deliveries.New buyers face some problem in placing orders and in closing the contract, you can ask your seller if you have any query. when you get everything done perfectly you should close the order by putting a nice review for that seller who worked day and night to make you smile But if you are not satisfied at the end result you can put a revision request for changes you want and also you can inbox him/her to fix the errors. Thank you for reading. You can ask if you have more to know. And i will post part-2 when i got some free time again, Happy Fiverring. ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. tips are counted separately, check your pending clearance page carefully.
  6. Hi new users or the would be users, how are you? ๐Ÿ™‚ I have some tips for you to keep your account/ID safe here at fiverr. actually these are some common mistakes that done by us usually for our carelessness. when we open an account , mainly we sellers, we concentrate on saving our user name and passwords. but we have to save all the info we are adding here, specially security question, date of birth, phone number, payment information etc. these will need in future. so write down all this in a notebook or just save it anywhere you feel safer.very consciously add every information , coz one mistake can create a big harm in future.try to use a phone number that is always active.Use every info about you that are correct, 100% authentic. i mean dont use a fake user name, dont use your relativeโ€™s NID or passport or driving licence or bank account, use only yours.for today, thts all. i will add more if i think you need to know more about these common mistakes ๐Ÿ˜‰ you can ask questions ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy fiverring ๐Ÿ˜‡
  7. you can try level two sellers and top sellers having 5 stars rating. and if search gigs by writting on the search bar what service you are looking for you will definityly get a lot nice gigs from whom you can choose the better one by chatting with them.
  8. Hello, I dont know whether you are still a member of Fiverr or not. I am a seller (graphic designer) here and i have to share something with you about your post. point 1. it is difficult to know you are a male or female only with your name. i am using a female cartoon image on my profile but some of my clients still address me as a male ๐Ÿ˜„ So, request to you please donโ€™t mind about it ๐Ÿ™‚ point 2. giving tip is not mandatory. its your wish. sometimes buyer ask us for some extra work, for that they paid the extra fees as a tip. and some of the buyers give tips when become greatly impressed with the service or with the extra fast delivery ๐Ÿ™‚ if any of my words hert u kindly forgive . Thanking you Marzia
  9. Hello my colleagues, I am working on Fiverr since 2016 and am a level two seller. i am working on Graphic design, i have several gigs related with design. I love to work but its not like that i have a huge orders. But from my little experience, I have decided to share my knowledge with the new comers who are frustrated. hope it may help you. tip 1. When you are bidding for a job make sure you understood the job then write a nice offer letter so that he/she be impressed and be convinced that you understood him nicely. tip 2. Use attractive images on your gig. for making your work attractive practice a lot. tip 3. When a buyer response on your bid or inbox you for query try to answer fastly and try to answer all his question in short but clearly. tip 4. donโ€™t feel shy to ask. ask a lot of questions so that the work done properly. before starting work ask about size, color, color mode (RGB/CMYK) etc. tip 5. show a draft before delivery so that you get proper suggestion from your client about the job. it reduces confusion and revision requests. tip 6. dont forget to ask him about which format he/she wants the final delivery. if he/she need source file then tell them whether you are offering it for free or not. This is all for today. Happy fiverring. keep me in your prayer. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanking you, Marzia.
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