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  1. In that case, you might wanna check if you have accidentally hit the spam button and it is marked as spam. If that's the case you can unmark it. But it's just a hunch.
  2. Well, based on my experience in the past I have encountered similar situations where if Fiverr bans or suspends a fraudulent user for any reason then his recent order(s) gets canceled and the amount is refunded as well regardless of the feedback if the buyer has closed the order or left it on the order. Everything is reversed except for the fact you lose the work and the buyer still gets to keep it. In your case, it seems like things might have silently changed which Fiverr does without any proper updates(a simple newsletter compiling recent important changes is always handy) and the order went fine regardless of the fact you are unable to contact the buyer. However, I still highly doubt if the user is banned from the platform and here it seems like you are the only one unable to communicate with the buyer. I wonder did you report any of his messages earlier? Try to ask support what's going on here and why you are unable to connect with the buyer here.
  3. See, whatever Fiverr's support responded to you above is technically true and I have been dealing with it for over a decade now. My advice to you is: Encash whatever query you get even once in a while. Offer a discount even if you aren't making any money out of it. Sweeten the deal as much as you can but ensure to be professional and don't sound like you are begging for it. Get the order done as fast as you can. Based on my experience this is the key to it.. stick to it and you'll see the difference.
  4. I wonder if you have received any queries against those impressions?
  5. You can keep on working with the buyer as long as you don't do any business outside the platform.
  6. Feedback: Sorry for the duplicate posts. Seems like there is a bug with duplicate posting. I hit twice with my reply when I was on the first page and no message of submission or anything and then checked the last page and there was my reply posted twice. Should fix this bug
  7. With over a decade old experience being a seller (wordpress/programming) at Fiverr with a fair share of orders as well I always appreciate the change for the good but unfortunately, there is nothing good about this biased change letting user review after the cancellation as if cancellations are the sole responsibility of the seller. So far cancellations are always considered as the seller's fault and each cancellation affects their Order completion rate which again affects the quality of the gig traffic they will get and they are forced to keep up. My concern is why the Buyer gets to review after the cancellation and why not the seller as well. Who will decide if cancellations are the sole responsibility of the seller and not of the ignorant buyers who place the order and then clarify the requirements (this happens a lot in programming gigs where the gig is a service and not a product) because they couldn't spare a min or two to read the gig description or are sometimes clever enough to ignore it intentionally to get more out of the order because they know once the order is placed seller will be compelled to deliver and after this change, they get a free blackmail review if the seller doesn't comply to their unreasonable demands or extra work. My suggestion is Fiverr shouldn't harass sellers with cancellations or feedback on every cancellation and give them a few cancellations per month (even fair if based on the order completion rate of last month) without a consequence whereas more than a few should be fair to affect the reputation or invite feedback from buyers or be taken under review by Fiverr. I am a victim of this blackmail for over a decade and Fiverr's policymakers have to think out of the box that not all gigs are under the same category, and not all of them are sold as a product a lot of them are services as well and they should be treated as one. So, a thumb rule cannot fit for all.
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