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  1. I’ve always loved Infiniti’s, They seem like wolf in sheeps skin.You know, like a subtle beast 🙂
  2. Now that’s a monster. I haven’t gone over 170 km/h here. Roads are not good enough. Great car you have there 🙂 You have 3series also?
  3. I believe you. It’ll take longer to hit that mark, but eventually it will. Harder if it’s a 5-speed, totally possible if it’s a 6-speed. And by the way, don’t get violated. 255 km/h would be legal only on the Autobahn. Be sure the photo is from the Autobahn. 😝
  4. Believe it or not diesel 2.0,but still pulls out 255kmph. I can send you a picture of it haha 🙂
  5. Here is mine, BMW 3 series,made a lot of trips and good memories with it. Pretty fun car. And yeah, I do love black 😜
  6. Just a search results not working correctly past few days
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