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  1. Hello everyone, On Friday, 16th Sept 2021, I decided to update some of my gigs and so, I uploaded more portfolio materials, edited some tags, and also updated the keywords. I submitted all the updated gigs. But after about 5 minutes, I received a couple of emails that two of my gigs had been "denied" with same error notification "NOT AN ORIGINAL IMAGE OR DESIGN (DESIGNERS)". I thought "Oh Wow! What the h*ck!". I was 100% sure that all items displayed in my gig portfolio images were 100% mine. Without wasting a minute, I contacted Fiverr CS, but I was instructed that once denied, the gig might not be revoked. However, one guy suggested me that if I could submit the source files, the technical team may reconsider. After thorough inspection of the portfolio images, I felt like giving up, as some of the work samples were from 2017 and 2018 projects, but I decided to check everything and found out that I needed to find 11 source files. With positive thought, I started digging my PC and other old hard drives and YAY!, I found all of them, all InDesign source files. So, I uploaded and submitted all the files and in about a hour, I received a couple of notifications that my gigs were LIVE! I spent over 4 hours looking for the source files, but as we all know, a gig can be created in a day, but building it so it has enough 5 star reviews takes months and years. This experience made me feel suspicious that some people have used my work samples as theirs. Probably, they took screenshots or snapshots from my order delivery portfolios and used it in their Gig portfolios. I am not trying to blame anyone here or trying to justify that somebody actually stole my work, but I am only sharing my honest thoughts. From this experience, I learned that I should always backup all my source files as long as I can so that when such incidents happen in the future, I can provide the source files without wasting so much time like I did. It was a great experience and I am glad I didn't give up. I also learned a lot of other things from this experience. I hope, sharing this experience will be helpful to someone out there, who can be in the same situation like me. Thank you, Leb
  2. Hi @callyofficial I've scheduled a meeting with one of the Seller Success Managers sometime in the first week of October. Hope it will be a productive meeting Thank you.
  3. @smashradio wow! I was not expecting a very detailed feedback and answer, but your comment has answered and clarified most of my questions and doubts. Thank you so much. After reading your comment, I realized that I haven't made use of any benefits of the Fiverr Plus program. I have been only paying the fees without really knowing what it is for. Poor me. I'll go check out my Seller Plus page right now. Thank you once again.
  4. Hi @mariashtelle1 thank you so much for adding your valuable inputs. Let's hope it's not the "... bad hidden review", nor the Seller Plus. I believe I will be on track soon!!
  5. Hi, Hope you guys are doing great. Lately, Fiverr is very different and it's almost like a membership website. It looks like, I am paying a lot of money to them, 20% cut, monthly Seller Plus fee, and Gig promotion. For some reason, after the introduction of Seller Plus program, number of orders has down to nearly 10%, and those orders I received were from Promoted Gigs and repeat buyers only. It's been a few months that I hardly receive inquiries from buyers. Do you guys see any changes in number of sales and inquiries? Hoping to receive some comments from like-minded sellers. Have a great day!!
  6. I would suggest having a tracking system for unresponsive buyers so that after they buy a gig and never update the seller for months doesn’t affect the “Delivered on Time” of the seller. I had been on Level 2 badge for over 4 years, but because of one buyer who never update since October 2017, a few days ago, both my Level 2 and Level 1 badges have been removed. 😦
  7. Same here, and now I’m very worried 😦
  8. Same here, mine goes to 2nd page from 1st 😦
  9. Same problem, not even a single sales in 3 days for some reason… 😢
  10. Why not first try to fix the file before cancelling? If the buyer can open the file, say for example, a huge .mp3 file but you cannot open the same file, it’s possible that the file is corrupt during transmission over the internet, if that’s the case, you may ask the seller to send the file via dropbox or wetransfer, etc… But if the file is in a format you cannot open on your computer or on your phone, then you may try converting it into another file format. Just a few suggestion. But if you cancel it, it’ll affect your seller reputation… 😉
  11. Correct, I also had similar experience. He was a writer. Since my english isn’t good, I thought of hiring him to write a short blog post for me and so I bought one of his gigs and send him a short note to write this and that and you know what, he just googled the topic, grab any text he saw, paste it in Ms-Word, and sent it back to me. There were grammar errors which I could easily notice and when I informed him about those errors, he said Ms-Word didn’t detect them as mistakes or errors. Damn, but I didn’t wanna give him -000 star so I gave him 3 star just for the sake. Right after the order is closed, he sent me a message saying his father was in hospital and he was trying to help him with a request “please give me 5 star” 😦
  12. @weessii, This is browser notification. If fiverr.com isn’t opened in browser, we get no notifications. It’ll be great if we have a fiverr desktop notification just like gmail or twitter etc… 🙂
  13. Hi @nissim_payoneer, Is there any way that I can unlink our payoneer account from fiverr account? I am having problem with my old Payoneer account (the bank account linked to my old Payoneer account is in a place where I no longer reside), so I’m planning to unlink that account and re-link a new Payoneer account. Any suggestions? I’m sorry, but this question shouldn’t be here, but no one answered me though I created a thread last year 😦 http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/44253/how-to-unlink-my-old-payoneer-account-and-re-link-my-new-payoneer-account#Item_1 Thanks!
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