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  1. Well aware of course. It's just a short term solution and it came in handy when we needed to expand as quickly as we did. Though, this will be the last one. At this point, we've done all the reinvesting we needed to do.
  2. Smh. Literally a TRS in the yearly 5 figure (close to 6 figure range).
  3. Plus, lets me focus on the actual quality of the work and NOT try to rush it.
  4. Cash flow is more important than anything for me. Not a single freelancer but a business and the orders I take are in thousands so they can take a while to finish but I still have payroll to account for. The couple of hundred dollars don't affect me too much honestly.
  5. Trying to take my 5th cash advance but reading recent comments, it seems like it might take a while. If you don't know what I am talking about, please look it up. It's only available to a few buyers. Just want to know if its still active and if anyone has been able to see it in July or August specifically in their earnings tab.
  6. I've gotten it 4 times, waiting on the 5th time. It's paid a few hours since its been paid back. I remember it taking anywhere 6 hours to 3 days in my experience.
  7. I think it’s for level 2 and TRS. Just a hunch.
  8. I’ve just encountered the same issue with multiple buyers and I’m freaking out. I’ve tweeted Fivvers, let’s hope for the best. I am super disappointed.
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