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  1. Soon, you’ll earn that same amount in a single month! keep going.
  2. Fiverr’s showing a bright red banner on the top of my screen stating that I must verify my phone number in about a month or so. Is any body else seeing this? what do you think?
  3. I have never felt depressed my self. Sometimes it gets really confusing but not depressing at all.
  4. Yes, that one in B&W showing a woman staring at you! Check the full story here: http://www.thedrum.com/news/2017/03/13/fiverr-ad-aimed-young-freelance-creatives-dubbed-depressing-and-irresponsible
  5. Hi every body. Yesterday I had a weird Fiverr experience. I was browsing the site, checking my inbox and taking a look at my gigs while suddenly, the “to do” icon went on telling me that I had a new order. But almost instantly I received a message in my inbox from a buyer who I had a 5 stars rated order a bout a month ago saying that he had started a dispute on that order because he didn’t place any orders and Fiverr duplicated his previous order about a month ago and put it twice! even worse I checked the “new” order and found that it’s “ridiculously late” 🙂 no need to say that I accepted the mutual cancellation and returned the funds to the buyer. Any body had such experience or something similar?
  6. Also, make sure you delivered the work through the “deliver work” button, not through messages. If you did so this would make the reviewing button unavailable…
  7. Just tell him to search for “review delivered work” or something very similar in the order delivery page. It’s very easy to find. Hope this helps 🙂
  8. By “reviewing” your work do you mean that he/she received the work but don’t know how to rate it?
  9. I think it doesn’t count only on Fiverr search engine. Once, a buyer told me in the messages that he found me through Google search. Man, what’re the odds?!
  10. Did any body consider learning a whole new skill in a completely different field on fiverr to make more money in less time? or do you prefer sticking with what you’re good at despite how slow your growth is?
  11. I’ve always wondered why do some sellers launch a gig dedicated to receive tips from buyers instead of receiving the tip directly through the order page. So, are there any differences?
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