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  1. Thank you, I saw that in the content that Smashradio shared 🙂 x
  2. Gosh 😄 you guys are so encouraging. It's nice to interact with friendly Sellers ❤️ Thank you
  3. @vickieito 😄 I saved my profile picture like that on Canva to use across all my social media and work platforms :)) My new identity after I was sick (so my aim is to feel cool haha)
  4. @saadatique Ah yes, excellent - keywords. I didn't think of updating those. Thank you for that advice. Thanks for the wishes too.
  5. @smashradio haha.. I actually love the Norwegian language, considering Afrikaans has some of it (I'm bilingual). An no, I did not take it as critique on my talent... but I do agree with you in terms oproduction and style. I will brush it up! Thank you again for your valuable time 🙂
  6. Hi @vickieito Wonderful 🙂 Thank you for the advice, that is parallel with @smashradio's advice. This is helpful. You guys are great. Thank you x
  7. Thanks @smashradio I appreciate your eye and ear over my profile. Nice helpful feedback. It's funny, to me yours sounds monotonous hahaha - perhaps because it is the same language throughout, like mine. But I will update my thumbnails. And I will do my demoreel again, myself, considering this is what I do for a living (I don't need a coach, I just need to select my other project styles I've done). I just didn't think anyone would think it is monotonous - but this is helpful 🙂 I also appreciate the description advice! I was hoping for exactly this. Thank you, a million times over 🙂 I appreciate you! x
  8. Thanks @smashradio That is a lot of reading, which I will do. I was hoping for a more personal response to my own profile - to have another expert's eye over it. But thank you x
  9. Hi Fiverr Community, I've been a seller for many years on Fiverr, but I fell ill and was off of Fiverr for a while. I came back to a lot of changes and I'm finding it very difficult to understand how to be seen by buyers. I did receive an order a couple of weeks ago, but other than that, it feels like sitting with crickets in silence. Are there expert sellers on here who can look at my profile to give me a bit of advice, in case I need to make changes? I did try reaching out to Fiverr support for help, but all they do is pause my gigs over and over again, even when I come onto Fiverr daily (bearing in mind I also cannot see any gigs that buyers post). I also starting running an ad for my gigs yesterday on Fiverr. Thank you 🙂
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