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Suggestions on category?


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After months of the Gig being out there (with no sales of course) Fiverr decided my Gig can’t be displayed because it’s in the wrong category. The Gig is targeted at artists - it’s for me to write about their artwork.

What would your suggestion for a category be?

I’ll post what I had after I get some suggestions.

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HI, First of all, you need to think as like as a buyer before creating a gig. Your gig Category should demonstrate the description. choose a relevant category of your service.

Beside this, i think you should search several gigs to get an idea what is the category should be.

I did, back when I created it. It’s a long process, starting with a spiral bound notebook. In fact, I was a Buyer before I was a Seller. I also didn’t find any Gigs like this one (it’s pretty specific).

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here you can select either this category or go for others if you already had the upper category


Thanks. I had it in “Other”. I assumed “other” was the safest choice. Evidently not.

When I created the Gig, “creative writing” held things like world-building, story outlines, etc… ah, that’s the problem. Somebody changed “creative writing” to “freelance content writing”. Although what I was trying to do wasn’t exactly content writing either.

Of course, now there’s really no reason for “business copywriting,” “articles and blog posts,” and “press releases,” all of which are showing up in “creative writing.” Actually, “content marketing” and “email marketing” Gigs are now showing up in “creative writing” too.

I don’t think anyone knows where the Gigs are supposed to go anymore, including the Editors.

I think Fiverr needs to leave the categories and subcategories alone right now, and write descriptions for them. I also think it would be a lot easier if they just told me which category they thought it went in. Honestly, I’d rather them have said “we don’t like it there, so we moved it somewhere else.”

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