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This is really annoying me now. Yesterday, I was having conversation with my client and suddenly I was unable to send message, that means my message box was completely gone so that I could reply to my client. I contacted Support and they said that they can’t provide me what messages got flagged due to which this happened however, my account was restored and I was able to message again. And NO, I don’t share my contact information or any illegal activity in messages. I even stay professional while replying to my clients so, no improper language.

Now, today again this is happening. I am unable to send message even tho I sent messages to 2 of my new clients which were like below:

  1. Okay. I will provide you — records for $–. Should I send you the offer?
  2. Okay. Thanks for your time!

Now, what’s wrong with these messages? I am surprised by the system. I never had such issue before as I am using Fiverr for more than a year now. Any idea? Any help?

Thank you,

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