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Freelancing of any kind is not at all steady, is not like a job, and in the beginning the pay is typically low or near-nothing. It takes a lot of time to build a good business here and slowly earn a little money before it builds up to good pay. Even then, you have dry times with no orders.

I’m sorry if this sounds bad, I don’t see the point in misleading you. You can make good money here after months to years of hard work but it is competitive. You would also have to learn to capitalize, use punctuation, use a spell checker and memorize how to write common things like the name of this website. I’m not sure this is what you are looking for, but you can learn to use “Fiverr” by reading the Fiverr Academy to begin with.

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As a new user, you have alot of competition against you. You should look into other relevant gigs to see what you are up against. You should also take note and try create or replicate;

  • Relevant Gigs
  • Price Ranges
  • Gig Extras
  • See profiles, introductions and profile picture

People are wary about placing an order with a new account from this month. You will have to make alot of requests and be patient. It took me nearly a month to get my first gig, then shortly after I figured out how to update my profile and gigs as to what is working and things have been picking up.

Best of luck,

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