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Gig Impressions Suddenly Drops


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Lets cut to the chase here,
Gig Impressions
1st Day : 112
2nd Day : 292
3rd Day : 322
4th Day :352

Gig impressions just dropped down Drastically … the only conclusion I can make is that on my first and second day I was active on Fiverr for almost 24 hours on the 3rd and 4th Day not so much … So does Gig impressions Depend on your activeness on Fiverr ? (At least that is what I can conclude)
Any concerns will be appreciated … Thank you

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Guest thevideostore

Well … I had all but ONE of my gigs dropping (filtered by last 7 days)
So every thing, even my best gigs had red down arrows next to them.

This lasted for 2 solid weeks. I’ve had 1/4th of my usual sales for this time of the month.
Now they are all green and pointing up.
Seems that fiverr sets your exposure and may even limit you if you make too much $$ just to give other gigs some views/sales. I’m willing to bet the top rated sellers are an exclusion to this throttling. Becoming a top rated seller seems to be complete luck of the draw because I know we are within the top 10 providers of our niche on the site pretty easily (maybe top 5) yet we have very very little exposure.

This month it feels like fiverr’s system said
"Hey he got no sales at all! Boost everything on his account!"
Anyone else feel like that?

If yours boost up , let us know.

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