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Getting your gig featured or on the front page


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Getting your gig on the front page of Fiverr is huge. It’s not as hard as you may think and you don’t have to be selling a lot or even be a Top Rated Seller to be handpicked by one of Fiverr’s staff.

The first thing is your gig and profile must be “Fiverr friendly”. Having a Fiverr friendly gig means you can’t be selling a gig that’s potentially against the Fiverr. selling YouTube views or backlinks or writing a message on your cleavage will not get you on the front page of Fiverr.

The second thing to consider is you should have a service that’s either very unique or bizarre. If you look at some of the gigs on the front page, you will see many of them are pretty unique services or very strange. Also, offering a gig that’s relevant to the time of year (e.g. Christmas themed gig, Valentine’s Day gig) works very well too. Some examples I’ve seen:

  • I will make a short video of myself dancing in spandex

  • I will draw you in a cool cartoon caricature

  • I will write you a love poem pretending to be a distant girlfriend

  • I will professionally master your song

I’m not suggesting you to do any of these gigs (especially the spandex one).

What I’m saying is, if you can offer something unique or has a twist to a very popular/common gig, go for it.

The third thing to consider is you must have a video for your gig. A lot of front page gigs don’t have them, yes, but Fiverr loves videos in gigs, especially ones that are well produced, pimp out Fiverr and have good music.

I think Fiverr is a goldmine and an opportunity for most people to make a lot of money online. I wrote this in hopes of helping other people, as I was lucky enough to find success on Fiverr.

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Guest article_profits

It’s old news. Everyone has heard these things before but the truth is Fiverr only features top rated sellers and gigs that are getting viewed massively. The way to go is massive self-promotion and whenever you’re lucky, you may find your gig getting the spotlight too.

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