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Whenever someone is doing a writing gig, I think their writing needs to be impeccable. There’s some use of articles (a/an) that’s awkward to a native English speaker – but the rest of your English is so good I’m not sure whether you’re a native speaker or not. Being professional or prolific doesn’t mean native or bilingual quality English and your profile says your knowledge of English is just “Basic”.

From what I’ve seen, assuming you wrote it all and even if English is a 2nd language, your English is excellent or expert or advanced. You can admit to your other languages too, Fiverr gives you the ability to rate your skills and knowledge level on your profile. Take advantage of it!

“A excellent catchy name is the stepping-stone to an excellent marketing. Coming up with an excellent company name can be a complex process. That’s when I come in. I have intricate techniques for developing new titles and I know my way around the signature rules. I can help you against bad name options and describe why others are excellent.”

First you use the word “excellent” 4 times in the same paragraph — some people find repeated word use annoying. The first time you use “a” instead of “an” but then you get it correct the next time. 🙂

On your profile bio:
“I am a professional prolific writer, I have 8 years of experience in this field and I provide you with the best written article you can find on Fiverr. Contact me for any type of article or related work you want and I will happily assist! I’m privileged to have written over 480 top selling articles”

Some reordering and polishing and you can perfect your bio. Example:
I am a professional prolific writer, with 8 years of freelance experience, and over 480 top selling articles. Something about your music and research assistant experience here. I look forward to working with you.

Note: not all your gigs are writing gigs, and this bio shows on EVERY gig you post, even the music-related or brainstorming/research-related gigs. So make sure you don’t pigeonhole yourself as just a writer.

From there, once your gigs and bio are polished, visit the Buyers Requests area and answer some posts there with quotes and see if you can get some more work.

If you always over-deliver and give great customer service, you should see repeat customers coming in. You already have some gigs under your belt. It may take a little work to get new customers, but treat every customer like they might consider coming back again.

Hope this helps,

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