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What have I done wrong?


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Hi guys,
I am new on fiverr, l started making constant sales after a month with 5-star reviews.
My sales stopped when a buyer rated me 4.4. I have been unable to make sales after my rating dropped to 97%.
I am just confused and frustrated right now, please help me with some TIPS.
Thanks Dizzy.

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I just take a quick look at your best seller gig & Here’s few suggestion that will Improve ranking & sells for your gig-
1.your first cover image doesn’t looks anything related to your gig,try using a customized,relevant & HQ image as your first cover image.
2.Format your gig description
3.Add a video

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You lost your momentum. A good way to gain it back involves sharing your Gig on social media frequently.

One of your Gigs isn’t sustainable. There’s no reason for a repeat buyer to buy “10 catchy business phrases”. (The same thing goes with the Slogan Gig and Domain Gig.) You did well by making more sustainable Gigs, which include article writing, proofreading, rewriting, etc. I also write and proofread articles, and people ALWAYS need that. Your best bet is to get those going.

Your Gigs need a bit of tweaking. Remember that readability is important. Use bold on the important points because it’s pretty rare that someone will read through your ENTIRE description. Buyers want to know the important things first with details later.

Share your Gigs on Social Media. Once you receive views, you get higher up on Fiverr’s search algorithm. The same goes for having orders in your Queue. Get your momentum going on those proofreading and article writing Gigs. When you receive a buyer, simply mention your other Gigs: “I see that you’re writing for a business. I also make business slogans/taglines in my other Gigs, so check those out if you like!” If they’re interested, then that’s a high potential for another sale.

Always remember that you’re not out of it once you start selling again. Keep your sales going, even if your Queue is filling up!

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