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  1. Got this feature on my account recently & already contacted few outside clients to make some orders through here.
  2. its going well actually,better then November.
  3. Same here I never got any reply for my fiver pro request! Should I apply again?
  4. @pastordre I dont see any option like that on my account. How do I enable that?
  5. Tweak your description a bit & play around for few days if things doesn’t improve & also try giving incentives for your first few buyers to get the ball rolling!
  6. Ho do I enable fiverr promoted gig features on my account?
  7. One of my gig been copied word to word & even my gig pictures as well by some of my competitors & yet they are ranking above me now. Wondering what the fiverr support team is doing to identify them & why they are not de ranked yet?! 😦
  8. Your gig has lots of problem- First,gig image are not properly sized,not HQ,nothing clear what you are selling, Second,Gig description are all out of place! on the first paragraph give a brief intro who you are & what kind of service you are providing,next gig features,next gig package breakdown,next seller requirements information,also format the description using the fiverr formatiing option, Third,Add video. I dont have to tell you the benefits of using video on gig,check what fiverr says about how adding video benefits your gig ranking!
  9. I take a quick look at your gig & this are following reasons I think you are not getting any sells- Your Title doesnt have the targeted keywords for this category,gig image doesn’t represent what you are selling,try adding 3 gig image & make sure they are related to your service & HD.Giig description is not properly formatted,also not optimized for your targeted category.I think you need to check your competitors & see what they are doing & try to come up with something better then them to get the sells rolling!
  10. I think its better you get in touch with fiverr support & ask them directly if its OK or against their TOS.
  11. I would suggest you to promote your service outside fiverr to get the ball rolling,once you hit few sells & get few reviews up, You will get sells from fiverr on a regular basis. Try to promote your service to the forum,blogs related to your service.
  12. There’s many reason gig gets no sells but mostly this are the following reasons- 1.Gig title & description are copied from other sellers without adding any personal touch or creativity! They just copied other related gig description & paste it on their gig. 2.Gig image are taken from Google or copied from others without any personal touch,also most of those images doesnt say anything about their & what they are selling. 3.Video,even though Fiverr said adding video boost your ranking but most of use neglect to add on the gig.
  13. I think thats why upsell can play a great part in here without selling your soul!
  14. Its better you get in touch with fiverr support immediately to help you with this problem, I dont think anyone can help you here with this particular problem.
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