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Hello friends, I am Serban

Im new here and I almost have 30 days here on Fiverr, I like Fiverr and I suppose you like it too so I would want to share with you a few tips that helped me to get some orders 🙂

When I joined on Fiverr I thought I will never have one order, I was disappointed by the competition here but I just wanted to try if it works and I had to wait just 3 days and my first order was placed 🙂 I was so happy and excited.

How I did that? In just 3 days?

I was disappointed when I saw a lot of people trying to promote THEIR GIGS here (It should be so good if we could report those ads btw) but I keep searched for people who are in need of what I am trying to sell. (A study guide book)

The first rule is to find your buyers (yes you should search them if you’re new here but if you are a hard worker in a few months you will not have to find them anymore, they will find you quickly) so find your buyers through Buyer Requests and try (honesty) to promote your work to them, show them the advantages of buying your gig, give them a discount, a reward, (I remember that I sent a beautiful certificate to my first buyer) always be polite and respect everyone here!

Always use personal descriptions for your gigs, never steal descriptions from other sellers, is not professional at all and you show to everyone that you are lazy and not creative.

Find what you love to do and focus on that thing! By doing this, you will be able to perform more and more, your gig will be unique and people will notice your gig, you can also try to diversify your gigs but you should have a lot of time and be a hard worker to succeed.

Promote your gigs through social media! You can create a Facebook page, Pinterest, Twitter etc… post from time to time new updates with your gigs, is a best choice to post your gigs online even if they don’t have likes, likes doesn’t prove anything. Is better to have your gigs over the internet than hiding them only on Fiverr

Work work work work! Be a hard worker, do more than your buyer expects this will can give you some good tips or even recommendations or long time projects. (If you are a new seller you have to prove you worth jobs and buyers, so let your work speak for itself)

Create a video gig! Yes, people don’t read at all! Believe me, I was shocked when I saw a lot of people asking me to do different tasks that I am not able to do on my Virtual Assistant gig, despite the fact that I wrote exactly what I can do in description window… so I had to cancel 3 orders for that!
Create a video gig which can cover more aspects of what are you doing but keep it short (no more than 1 min) or you could annoy buyers and they will leave. Use your persuasive skills to attract new buyers but never lie to them, this will make your Fiverr experience awful and you will probably give up.
If you don’t have money for paying a seller to create you a professional video, you can create one (or more) by yourself on the internet, there are a lot of free software’s you could try for example www.********is free and you can create wonderful vids. All my gigs are created with Bite able and I like how they look. You could try too 🙂

Enough with this post 🙂 I don’t want to write a novel hehe. Tell me what other tips you know on the comments below.
If you want to work with me then don’t hesitate to contact me here. All the best

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Thank you so much. I am Romanian, I learn English in College so… it really helps me, I don’t know it perfectly I still have a few grammar mistakes but I can open and keep a conversation, I never quit a conversation! I explain what I am trying to say if I see someone don’t understand me and I recommend to do it too. There are a lot of free courses over the internet, even apps that can help you to learn different languages 🙂 Try Duolingo for example

And for the second question. It depends… 🙂 If a seller has something different to sell then he should do it. It’s very good to be creative but I recommend to focus on what you know to do PERFECTLY because this can help you earn “fame” here and you will be recognized for that, even get a FEATURED gig from Fiverr who knows… 🙂 Always do your best, even DO MORE than buyer expects. As a new seller is very important to gain 5* reviews, those little reviews can help other buyers to trust your services and this will boost your sales.

All the best,

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I want to help you and I checked one of your gigs
I will talk about this gig https://www.fiverr.com/s2/4cc0a8486e

The picture that you used on your gig is very good, it’s catchy and I like that (+1p for that)
I recommend to delete your “packages” they are not good at all! Nobody will pay you 5$ for just 25% body, seriously. It’s not good at all! I am not surprised at all why you are not getting any orders, people just run when they see your “packages” because they shows that you just want to take their money for less work. Remember as a NEW seller you absolutely have to work hard hard hard, I recommend to offer more till you become recognized enough, then you could think about those packages.
Do the premium pack for just 5$ and when you’ll become more visible on Fiverr you can change your prices.

Also you could try to create a video for your gig 🙂 it can helps you boost your views, clicks and even sales.

The description is ok but you can improve your English by doing free courses.
Remember to do more than your buyer expect. This will help you earn more customers in the future. Be motivated and don’t give up, every start is hard so just focus on improving your work.

All the best,

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