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Can A Fiverr Buyer Be "Black Balled" By A Fiverr Seller? How Does It Work?


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Here’s an exchange between me and a “bad seller” this morning… DOES Fiverr allow sellers to lobby other sellers against working with a buyer? I use FIVERR a great deal and am happy the majority of the time, but on those occasions when the service is sub-standard, there ought to be guidelines for what can and cannot be done – by both the buyer and the seller… So, here’s my situation: On September 7, 2016 I ordered the following:
5 Revisions
2 Logos Included
Include Source File
Logo Transparency
Printable Resolution File
Include 3D Mockup
Vector File

I sent the following instructions with the order:
Attached is the logo I had done in the past. I love the word cloud/tree design and the dollar signs falling like leaves off of the tree. I’m looking forward to seeing how you can improve the logo for me and make it so that I can use it, appropriately sized, etc., for mobile apps and such. Please keep in touch throughout the process so we can both feel good about the project. Thanks! Sue

I don’t know anything about creating logos, etc., which is why FIVERR is such a great option for us buyers…so can someone please tell me what file type is a VECTOR File because I don’t believe I got that particular image yet… not sure tho…

Anyway, here is how the “relationship” ended on a 3 day gig that took 12 days…

ME: (I didn’t comment, but apparently my rating of poor rendered the following comment): Unacceptable Experience

SELLER: One of the pathetic client ever seen on any freelancing platform. Sent all files with some extra file nd within time. Alos sent more than 3 concepts for free. but he is still not happy. NOTE: Sellers please beaware from him, don’t accept any order from him.

SELLER: if you are not happy then take your refund. I am also not happy to work with you and i don’t want to *************** Thanks

ME: No, I’m going to use the logos that I FINALLY received, so I won’t take the refund. You delivered LATE and you obviously didn’t READ the emailed instructions on what I wanted. I communicated CLEARLY – YOU did not…How dare you attack ME as a BUYER because YOU FAILED as a SELLER. I’m going to let FIVERR know how upsetting it is to be attacked and lobbied against as a potential buyer of OTHER SELLERS’ work! Shame on you!!

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UPDATE: I guess this is what CAN happen if you don’t accept the refund the seller offers…

Sorry for misunderstandings. I was really shocked after seeing your review. I also contacted fiverr support related to this issue. Your order was not late. i sent you an extra concept to review. For apologize i will send you a free Logo animation.

Sorry again for any harsh words.
Kind regards

There were some errors in fiverr too. I was unable to upload any file to fiverr for three days. You may check the proof on the fiverr Facebook page. There were so many complains regarding file uploading.

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