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Suggestions for Translation Services and Packages in general


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After three months of Fiverr, I’ve come across several points where I’d like to see some improvements. That’s why I’ll begin to suggest my ideas here.

Please tell me if there’s any better place to do that.

As someone who has three part-time jobs and is still attending to university (it’s way too long by the way), Fiverr offers a great opportunity to increase my monthly income, if it continues to go as well as the past weeks, I imagine quitting one part-time job. Though, for now, I’m quite busy in my life, as you can see.

As a matter of fact, I always want to fulfill my buyer’s requests and needs, that’s why I have limited all my gigs to a certain amount I can always guarantee to deliver on time.

Amongst other things, I offer my services as translator. For these gigs I’d really appreciate some changes.

(1) Max. word count:
Offering your buyers to set the words requested by themselves is great, but it also brings the danger of getting too big orders in too less time. Yes, you can tell in your gig description that there’s a limit. Sadly, not everybody’s reading this. You may be in favor of the CS if there are any problems, but this could be avoided before happening.
So, if you could implement a feature to limit you max. word count, this would be awesome!

(2) Gig infrastructure:
Following up the first request, it would also simplify my life (and maybe others) to set gig extras, word count, delivery time etc. in correlation to each other. This way may be quite complicated for some sellers, but it would guarantee more custom-made offers without having discussions with your buyers about discounts, delivery time, etc.

Both these suggestions aren’t urgent for me at all. But I think that not only me, but also a lot of other sellers would enjoy these features.

Of course these suggestions apply on every package gig (especially suggestion #2), so there could be an overall improvement for thousands of sellers.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.


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