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How much can we really earn a month?


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Hi, so it said : "500$"
But it has been 1 day im signed in, and no one ordered my stuff,
and if i calculate things, if no one bought the first day,
and they buy the second day , let’s say, i will gain 7 $,
and , i’d say, the average by month is 30 $, am i correct ?

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I’m not sure about amount, since I only make about $200-300 a month right now, but my sales have growth dramatically over the past two months or so.

Here’s what I find helps:

  • Get the Fiverr App to make sure you can response to all messages within 24 hours, which helps your rating
  • Make sure you have a clean profile: it’s written professionally, no grammar or spelling errors, proper spacing, capitalization, etc. Get an icon. You can pay for gigs where people can help you content write.
  • The more detail the better with your gigs: write about your experience, what you are offering, examples of your work, etc.
  • Check out the buyer requests sections to find people looking for sellers, or promote your own, and network through the forums and other social media

It may take a bit to get the ball rolling but once it does, your reviews and profile will get you the sales you need to get to the limit, whatever it may be.

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$200-300 !? I didn’t think thought was possible from only doing GFX !
How long does it usually takes to get your first $5-10 ? Im a pretty good Gfx (well, i think im) and i really which to experience my first $5-10. I’ll try to detail my gigs.

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I don’t do graphics. I am a beta reader, who does editing, proof reading, and various other services for authors. But I know there are graphic artists who make that much. I have been on a year, but I took a long hiatus so I’ve only been working at it for about three months. I am online often because people look for people online first, so my first couple sales come from that, and the reviews help push me up in the list. Most of my business is repeat buyers now.

I looked at your profile, some suggestions I would say, is find an icon so you are more personable. Your tagline would read better as something like “I’m ready for all your graphic design needs!”

As for your profile, try listing your languages in the section where you have English listed, and make sure you are doing your apostrophe when doing “I’m”. Maybe space out the sentences like I’m doing in this post. I’m not sure what GFX is, so maybe spell that out for newbies who are looking for graphics without knowing the terminology.

Your gig “I will do a minecraft banner” could be listed as “I will create you a professional minecraft banner.” Because it sounds more imaginative than just throwing something together. It’s great you already have examples up, that will help them know what they are getting.

Check out the Buyer Requests to see if anyone is looking for graphics work right now. I know I went there to search for an artist to illustrate some portraits of my children.

I know it’s frustrating to get started but it will happen!

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I like the Minecraft banners… I don’t play but my brother does, it looks like it would fit in a gaming youtube.

Check the dimensions on your logo, that’s usually what makes mine not work. If they are too small or too large.

To get to buyer requests, use the drop down at your name in top right corner, and under Selling, you will see the link for Buyer Requests. You can put in offers for jobs people are posting.

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