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I want to report few profiles that are selling completely illegal stuff on Fiverr.

This profile achieved level 2 and guess what. He is selling all illegal tools including Majestic, Adplexity, SEMRush, Moz and Buzzsumo. We are owner of RankDrive he is also selling our tool illegally. Can you please take action against him? and hundreds of others similar to him.

Waiting for response. Is there any way we can report sellers? how can we do that I didn’t find any way.

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Report problems to the Trust & Safety team through Customer Support. If you own the property being sold, or content being distributed, you can also issue a DMCA takedown notice.

Amazon is also leveraging their considerable legal power against fake reviewers, and winning in the courts. I do wish it were easier to flag bad sellers, it would help all the legitimate sellers because there are many people on the Internet who complain about bad Fiverr gigs. Those gigs should come down fast and hard so that Fiverr loses the reputation of a place where bad people can get away with bad stuff.

I suggested a “flag” with a drop-down menu. For example:
“This product doesn’t belong to the seller.” -> “It belongs to me.” or “It’s an illegal copy of someone else’s product.”
“I don’t think this should be sold on Fiverr.” -> “Depicts or promotes violence.” or “Promotes human rights violations.” or "Contains mature/adult s****l content."

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