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Kickstart a gig?


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Hi smesnoj:

I’m in the same position. I have found Gigs ******* right on Fiverr from other Sellers who will help promote your site, [questionable suggestion removed.] I found them by searching for “fiverr gig” and then clicking on “Influencer Markering” in the left hand menu.

[recommended links removed - OP can do a search as recommended.]

Hope these help dude - JamesToronto

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Fiverr does help up to a point by listing your gig under the “New” category on the main page. This actually does help some sellers since a very well written gig will attract some buyers and they will hope to get an exceptional price from a new seller.

Buyer requests can help a lot of your gig is in a category where specialty services are often needed.

Technically you can also have family or friends purchase a couple of gigs as long as the buyer does not live with you, the purchase is real, and you really deliver a gig.

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