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Guest vinniemendez56

One thing i found to be a small problem when buying or selling a service on fiverr is the language barrier. I’m from southern California, and even here among the states our accent, tone, wording, and forms of expression differs from state to state. I have found some real talented sellers here on fiverr who do amazing work and true masters in their craft. Now, it took some work and also learning the ropes of using fiverr to find quality work
. I respect everyone putting themselves out there and having the courage to be seller. However, some sellers have no business claiming to be experts. at least not yet. keep working on it. for now just please learn your trade master it , then offer it as it is something you do very well.
Overall fiverr has the right idea but not all sellers are qualified to offer services. So in conclusion. if your buying services just be careful, ask for samples, before you purchase any gigs. one thing that started working for me is now i do not purchase a gig unless the seller sends me a sample of their work with some of my details.
I personally do not completely believe all the reviews on their profile. ? all though my experience here has been somewhat of a bumpy road, I have definitely connected with some great people here one or two that i consider a friend.
To me for what its worth, its kinda cool having a buddy who is on the other side of the world working on my website and i can trust 100%. its good to know their is still good people in this world and we come in all shapes and colors. If not for fiverr probably not likely any of this would have happened. so thanks its been a learning experience, and that is valuable.

thats my story and im sticking to it.

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