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Request Gigs... how to accomplish them?!

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I requested they add a feature to search all the requests and the reply was that my suggestion was forwarded to the team in charge of features. That was over a year ago so the only hope now is that this feature has been evolved into a more usable form in V2 of fiverr which is just around the corner.

Most folks never reply to those requests either so why bother having it up there is my question? Request gigs is a great idea with a poor execution - behead the entire web team and be done with it!



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  1. See a request you think you can do

  2. Message the requester

  3. Await a reply (they might not)

  4. If they are happy for you to do the job, then ask them to order one of your GIG’s


    4a. If they are happy for you to do it, it may be worth creating a new GIG for ‘general’ use. This is because the request you are fulfilling may have nothing to do with any of your current GIG’s

  5. Ask them to order.

  6. Deliver work




    And yes, the others are gone. There is currently no way to see previous requests.

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