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My first breakthrough here will be my first satisfied Fiverr clients!


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Hello, new community, I found my way to this exciting platform while researching ways to get help with a landing page for my coaching website. That’s in progress now through a Fiverr pro, and I’m amazed by how beautifully this approach works.

I’m ready to begin giving back through email coaching, and I’ve posted my first gig.

Any tips for getting visible toward my first Fiverr clients and their very important positive reviews? Thanks, and best wishes to all!

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Agreed. Start by doing buyer requests, and build client rapport that way. It seems like you’re in a field that bodes well for repeat buyers.
Unfortunately you might have to be competitive with your pricing in order to gain reviews and traffic. I completely undervalued my services for a good 2 months before I was able to raise my prices to normal (ie, voicing 300 words for 5.00)-- and now business has been really great. It sucks to start off with, but a grind with a small payout is necessary if you want to grow. Anyways, just my experience, best of luck : )

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Hello youngteresa,

I just checked your gig. Though, it’s called ‘Improve my gig’, I’m gonna point out something, probably hurtful.

There’s a lot to do with your gig description. It’s so confusing and doesn’t answer the right questions, like:

  1. What kind of coaching do you provide: video conference, IMs, emails, in person, something else? (I know it’s email, but your gig doesn’t claim that.)

  2. How long will you coach: half an hour, a day, a week…?

  3. Your area of expertise - relationship goals, career goals, business goals, personal goals, or…

There are other things too. For quick response, you can contact me on my profile page (as I’m not such a forum nerd).

Also, feel free to check my gigs here on Fiverr and point out any mistake. I’ll be thankful to you. 🙂

Finally, I wasn’t intended to hurt you. I’m just trying to help; no offence!

Jolly good.


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Thanks for this, wordsfire! I’ve been dealing with some technical issues in which my first 3-tiered package of services–and all the important details that you mentioned–completely disappeared. So I’ve started over after some back-and-forth support from Fiverr.

And again, thanks for taking the time to write the comments above! I really appreciate it.

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