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Real truth - fiverr $5 fever :)


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FIVERR $5 FEVER is going all over the WORLD!.

The Real Truth is 90% Buyers are looking everything service in just $5.
I’m not sure if anyone realize it or NOT, but these are undermining, underbidding and cutting throats of legitimate, talented designers who are trained.
These thing are cheapening the entire industry.

FIVERR $5 CONCEPT IS BEST and It’s work best for micro job - Overall fiverr was launched as micro job marketplace platform.

Now All seller have option to increase gig price upto $500 or more But Most of sellers advertise Big job service in just $5 for attract the buyers.

What is creating separation between sellers.

Lets discuss what do you think?

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So what. If you look descriptions of gigs on Fiverr, they all offer pretty basic service for $5. And that is OK. I ll proofread 600 words for $5, I ll typeset 5000 words of book for $5, Ill remove background of 5 images for $5.
On the other hand, serious buyers who are looking for quality are more than happy to pay much more according to skill presented by seller. If a buyer wants to have proofread non fiction, highly technical text, he’ll hire a seller for $50. Typical book has 70000 words for typesetting. Buyers who want background removed have hundreds of images.

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