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Negitive Feedback,Work Deliverd + Money Refunded

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Recently, I Delivered gig to buyer and he left a wrong feedback for me. After Few days i saw that admins of fiverr cancelled that order and refunded the money to buyer. But still wrong feedback is on my gig page

I request Fiverr that if we refund money to buyer than Please also remove feedback from our gig. :-q . Its not a fair way with Sellers.


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Guest swifteduk

Hi, Sorry to hear that.

Hear some solution’s to your problem :-

  • Contact Fiverr Support Customer Service at http://support.fiverr.com , provide them with adiquite evidence , proof that you provided your customer with 100% of what you offered.

  • If that doesn’t work , on your actual gig page . Reply to the feedback like this "Hi, I am sorry to hear that you feel you have not been served a good service , for that on your next order I will give you [Make up a deal , I don’t know Buy 2 and get 1 free] be apologetic etc.
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