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Skewed Delivery Timing


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So, I’ve been set up here for a few months drawing pictures, and have had a pretty good time at it. Recently, however, one of my customers placed a double order which was set to be complete as quickly as a single order. I informed him that this was unlikely, and he told me that it was fine, and to just order as soon as I was ready.

I ended up working quickly and getting done before the set limit, but during this time he placed a second order, sort of as “credit” for another order which he had yet to decide. I didn’t see too huge of an issue at the time, and waited until he knew what he wanted.

This second order was delivered a good few days behind the Fiverr clock, and I got a couple notifications telling me “This has gone too far.” Again, the buyer was perfectly fine, and I just delivered a bit before I was totally finished and allowed him to ask for a revision (I allow unlimited revisions).

I didn’t think much of it all until I was checking my profile and saw my delivery time had been set back near astronomically; despite over a dozen orders delivered on time and even quite early, this one incident set me back about 17%.

I’ll be honest: this seems entirely fair. If this had been due to laziness or inactivity on my part, I’d deserve this setback. Even with the present situation, I probably should have cancelled the second “credit” order ahead of time, and only didn’t because I was unaware that delivery time might be an important factor (which I should have).

I’m only curious if there’s any possible way that this could be resolved due to the circumstance. If I just have to bite bullet for a rookie mistake, then I’ll just try to make up for it with future deliveries. If, however, there’s someway to at least make the percentage damage a bit less hard, I’d appreciate knowing how.

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It is possible although not probable and not really as important as you might think. I do understand that when you are new and have few sales, it is scary to get hit with an unknown. Really, though, what I can see on your profile right now is that your average response time is N/A and if I saw that as a buyer I would assume it was a glitch. It wouldn’t stop me from buying.

If you want to try, though, what you do is submit a ticket to Customer Support and explain to them briefly and very politely that you did not know that your time would change that much. Let them know the buyer was fine with it and perhaps even send them a screen shot of that. Tell them that since you are new and have only a few reviews you are worried and that you would be so grateful if there is any way they can reset your time to whatever it was previously. To be honest, they will probably still say no, but they’ve surprised me many times before and they get a lot of angry tickets, so they are grateful themselves when someone writes a nice ticket.

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