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When you see a gig you like. What do you do! Well ME being a Top Buyer on Fiverr. I would like to tell you #3 Important things when looking for the most appropriate Gig!

  1. When looking for a gig Always check with the Owner of the Gig. Get more information about it. Just because they summarize whats going on in the gig with the details doesn’t mean they give you the full info. Beware of scams
  2. Pay Close Attention to the Comments and Ratings of the Gig. Some people may have no comments at all but you have to think about using your 5 dollars wisely. So when you purchase that gig you pay attention to all. even if you see some terrible comments its on you to purchase the gig!
  3. (IMPORTANT) To Avoid Scams this go back to the first step. If you see a gig that looks weird like (100,000 views on youtube or 500,000 views , with 1000 subscribers, because some lie about it.) . Becareful. Why because some people on fiverr can try to con you out of your money this has happen to me 3 times and i made a vow to never let it happen again. So people Look at for weird things. Note some sellers will not reply back, some will try to con you and say they can do so much but in the end reneg on thier gig with you cause to cancel. Please do not be afraid to cancel a gig if you feel the work is not good or you didnt get what you paid for. Take in my words and tips. I will have more tips on collecting gigs so. 3 Tips for collecting gigs.
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