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How to get job on fiverr


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Dear Rauf:

I took a look at your profile:

  1. Polish your English, grammar, etc.

  2. Your profile text:

Hi, I’m a web developer, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert, logo designer, online marketer, and video producer.

Please contact me if you have questions or concerns.

Thank you.

This is thin and should definitely be beefed up.

  1. Gig Titles:


I will design 2 logos for your company

The above is very generic and belies your claim to be an expert in SEO. Your gig titles should be bursting with keywords. You WON’T design logos for my Service Organization? Why not?

  1. Gig Descriptions:


I’m a New Seller on Fiverr. But I have years of experience and will create a Professional Level Logo using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, and other awesome software.

You can ask me anything before ordering my gig.

This gig description is so vague that it does not compel the buyer to buy. I cleaned up what I could, but there’s just not much there. I strongly suggest that you hire a copy writer to draft at least 1 gig for you. You can A/B test and adapt from there.

  1. Video

  2. Fiverr Academy

Good luck,

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