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7 Tips to Make More Money on Fiverr (2)

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(2) Create Multiple Iterations of the Same Gig

Once you have created a gig that you can quickly complete, watch to see if it seems to be selling well. If so, consider scaling your efforts by creating multiple gigs that, well, offer pretty much the same service.

I will record a video as a geek girl
I will be your British website spokesperson
I will record a natural looking video testimonial
I will record a BRITISH video review

Those gigs are all basically the same idea. For $5, she will record 50 words of dialog in front of a webcam for you.

But because different buyers search for different keywords, she is smart to create separate gigs. For example, I may want a spokesperson for my website, but it may not occur to me that a seller who offers video testimonials could do the same thing.

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