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Delivery of the work. but when?


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Hello everyone, I am a new entry on Fiverr.
In summary: I did a job for a client 5 dollars
then for another $ 40 I handed over the printing files.
then for other 30 he asked me the same work always for print files, but for one thing similar to previous work for 3 days.
I sent my offer but was not accepted immediately.
Then last night (May 25) has accepted my offer.
Ok …wow …
Then this morning (I live in Italy) the buyers in US, I saw two messages that I was late, ridiculously late.
Then I sent the files, but not print because I was not ready for print files.
My question is. The work was to last three days?
But now the customer can cancel the order and …amen …
I am very depressed about this.
But you can help me understand what happened?
Sorry for my english.

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Hey Gian,

It sounds like you did this all in one gig and by the time the buyer accepted the gig extra, your time had run out.

There is a new feature that lets you set an expiration time on any offers you send so you can give the buyer a specific period of time to order the extra.

Also, you should try separating your gig extras if you can. It’ll protect you in the future too because what happens if a customer orders a $25 gig, then let’s say $100 in gig extras, and then cancels? Separating the gigs will allow you to get some money quicker and just works better from what I’ve found 🙂

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Thanks vigasan 🙂
Yet the customer is off line.
In practice, the second order went along with the first order.
The strange thing is that if I had delivered on May 24, yesterday that it was May 25, the client asked me again the changes.
Now I wait and see what happens.
Thanks again

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