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Can someone answear me?


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hello i’ve posted before about this problem --> http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/9142/someone-kidnapped-my-gig-extras-#Item_5 my rating dropped to 67% just because i’ve cancelled SOME orders! and didnt know tht it affects my ratings anyway now i have 82% rating and still didnt get back my level1 seller and my gig extras! does anyone knows when will i get back my ‘level 1 seller’ and my ‘gig extras’ i mean should i increase my ratings to 100%?


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thank you i contacted the support and didnt get an answear i was asking them when will i get my level1 but here is their email

Hi there,

Please keep in mind that all cancellations can affect your Level status except for incomplete orders. If you received negative ratings from these cancellations, please communicate with your buyer’s as we do need their consent to remove the feedback.



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