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Not getting views and orders on my gigs from past 1 year


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Initially, it was working fine but once a small issue happened between me and the buyers . After that slowly views and orders started decreasing on my gigs.

At present I have less than 5 views and 0 orders on my gigs. ( same case from past 1 year)

Can anyone please let me know is it expect able that being a LEVEL 2 seller you have less than 5 views and 0 orders on the gigs?

It is my request for the fiverr team please showcase my gigs on the first page so that I can also get some orders.

Thank you

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First, none of the pictures on your gig are yours. How about some original photos of yourself, and possibly a logo? Creates better results since it shows trust.

No matter what level you are, you can’t EXPECT anything. Don’t know where the misconception of what being a higher level comes from, but it does not guarantee anything.

And requesting to be on the front page is kind of silly. If it was that easy, everyone would ask. You have to EARN that right with high quality work, and plenty of sales to boot.

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