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More Reports & Analytics Please!


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Here are some reports that I would like to see:

1.) Historical Monthly Earnings. - I really want to see how much I made each month this year. This can be a line graph or a vertical bar graph.

2.) Annual Earnings Report - I’d like to see a running total of how much I’ve made this year. And maybe even in past years - same concept as above.

3.) Best Month Ever! - I’d love to know what my highest grossing month EVER was on Fiverr. I had huge sales last month, but I’m not sure if that was actually my best or not. I really want to know if I hit a new goal!

These kind of reports help to motivate us as sellers. We always want to earn more than last time. @Fiverr, you can help us by giving us the tools to set new targets, achieve more sales, and get excited about seeing our growth.

What would you like to see? Comment Below.

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I agree with you, fiverr needs to start acting more professionally towards its sellers on fiverr. We are mostly adults here who need to know what we made accurately as its important to know if our business is growing or not so we can adjust gigs accordingly. I think even the ability to have a printable report would be also nice. I just think fiverr needs to start adding more in depth features for making the lives of the sellers easier.

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