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Important guidance to withdraw revenue for banned account


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firstly you must wait 45 days since you could not login to your account, to do this
this is document/action you must provide :

  1. scan of passport or government issued ID
    name must be same with paypal email
  2. scan of photo of you HOLDING your ID next to your face.

(this is email from Fiverr Customer Support)

Kindly send us a photo of you holding your ID next to your face.
3. your paypal id
this is text string that you can find on paypal.
on any transfer from fiverr, then you click text "details"
example : YG13DH8FM032IB6
4. what is your paypal email address ?
5. what is your asociated email to fiverr account
6. what is the security question ? (dont stuck with this step! , otherwise you fail to get your money back

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