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How to report buyers?


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Hi, I’m new to fiverr and I recently promoted to level1 seller with a perfect 5 of reviews.
Now I encounter this Buyer Called “************” and ordered to me a introduction Video

His message
"Good Evening or Morning, greets from Germany. I like your style and choose you. I need an stylish but business like intro, like your example. I got no Logo and no Banner. This is my Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/. I Need 2 Marks. Like "" ; "******" or so. You are the Designer its in your Hand. Thanks a lot"

after i send the gig
on my two word introduction video text
I send him TWO GIG
one is
Main text: ************
2nd Text : Don’t forget to Subscribe

2nd gig same video:
Main Text: ************
2nd Text : Don’t forget to Subscribe

and put a message
I didn’t put your Youtube Channel instead i put on " Don’t forget to Subscribe" assuming you will use this on your YT channel.

If you need modification don’t hesitate to message me.

Now he is complaining

Excuse me Sir. 3 Questions, Why you put an 2D Boring Template in this awesome intro, 3D and a Better Font looks greater. My Channel calling ************ not “************”. And this are two videos and not 3, in your description you commercial that you make three different. I’m not Lucky.

and i apologize messaging him
You need to provide me your logo or else ill put a text on it.
I’m sorry for the misunderstanding on the channel name.
For the two free template please choose on my profile, the two i send to you is just a sample to know what you want

and i receive a cancellation order

Than you have to ask before you do. I send you all information. My Channel name and a direct YouTube Link. I wanna cancel the Order. How does it work?

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There seems to me some miscommunication and assumptions made. As a Level 2 seller I advise you to always communicate with what you are doing with the buyer order specially if some info that needs to be provided is missing. I do not see any valid reason why you would want to report this buyer. Buyers will ask for changes and this is pretty normal. Unless it is too much of work and not agreed before, you can charge him extra for making changes. revisions to the submitted work. Good Luck!

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