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Scam Or Not Scam?


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Hello Fiverr Sellers,
Today i received this message from a client
and the message reads…

(I would guess that I needed about an hour a day to screen two or three blogs and extract between 20-30 relevant metrics. That I would need 365 days a year - if it works out;) sometimes it might be done in 30 minutes, other days in 2 hours per day. But in average about 1 hour/day.
What would be a good hourly rate for you? It’s about quality and not quantity so that’s why I’d like to plan on hour rates and increase the amount if necessary. I could pay monthly if you like.
But to be very clear: I have also trials with editors/researchers and at the end it’s about the price… So please state the amount for 30 hours per month you would feel happy with.

In short, the client wanted me to work on hourly basis. My question is, can i work on hourly basis in fiverr? Is this a scam? please advice me

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The broken English and the buyer telling you that they have other parties who might be able to do the work cheaper than you propose is a big giveaway. Also, no you can’t work on an hourly basis on Fiverr. All you can do is send custom offers to buyers or sell gig extras which might improve your overall sales and extend your basic gig offerings.

As a rule, never agree to let a buyer pay after you have done work. i.e. a month after you have already delivered whatever work they need. Always insist on an order being placed before you do anything.

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