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Things I would like to suggest to make Fiverr a best Experience!


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Hello everyone,

As a Fiverr level 2 Seller I am going to present some points that I would like request to Fiverr Tech team for including to make it more better Experience for both buyers and Sellers.

1- A notification system may be added for a forum activity.
2- In MY Gigs section stats a Favorites column may be added.
3- Being a seller I have noticed that sometimes a buyer sends a message when its midnight and I am in deep sleep and however I reply his message but due to sleepy mind I sometime get fail to convene him in detail. Furthermore if a notification is delayed in midnight the response ratio is decreased. Please let me know if I am alone facing this issue or there are anyone else with me.

Looking forward for your great comments. Thanks to Fiverr for providing such a great platform and we are looking forward for making it more interesting.

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