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A Monthly Screenshots Could Help Sellers


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Recently, many sellers including myself have been complaining about different issues/bugs on account activity, and particularly earnings. Just like what we sellers usually experience when clients request for “charge back” through PayPal, even after delivering quality work, we might never have a say on Fiverr when money is involved in any situation.

A seller posted about error in revenue waiting for clearance, and i quickly went to check mine. Surprisingly, $48 was missing, and i contacted support to find out why. As you could think of, support said my account is balanced, and no money was deducted. Honestly, money was deducted from my account, and there was no trace of dispute whatsoever. What can i do? Absolutely, NOTHING!

Since Fiverr can’t take on blame even when the error is from them, i think the only thing that can help us stay on the safer side is to always take the screenshots of our monthly earnings and keep it in separate folder for reference purpose. Assuming i have been keeping records of my monthly earnings, i can easily disprove their claim, but i haven’t.

I learnt that some sellers lose about $500 due to this inexplainable error.
If you love yourself, make sure you start keeping record of your activities from now on. Tomorrow might be something entirely different, maybe on the cleared earnings this time.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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