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I heard some interesting news as of late. Bloggers are finding it more difficult to engage a wider audience base as a result of what one blogger called saturation. Being in the music business for twenty years. I’m all to familiar with this term. It is common within specific regions of the country at various times. Music artist are force to try and reinvent themselves because of this phenomenon. It’s not easy to do once your brand become successful! However there are those who seem to understand nature of the beast and create metrics to overcome what seem to be an obstacle for most. My question to those bloggers would go something like this. If people are being born everyday and the internet universe seems to be expanding. Can music artist,bloggers,YouTube celebs and all the other millions of participants truly over saturate. It seems these days everyone can be anyone all while being their own targeted audience.(thanks Steve Jobs ROP) You are probably wondering why post this on this forum. Well to perfectly honest I’m just trying to figure how to get a gig! 😉

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