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Initial feedback on my gig


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Hello, I am new around here and was just wondering if anyone could give me some feedback on my first gig. I have noticed that the market appears rather saturated lately and I am concerned that my gig will be buried if it does not stand out from the get go.

Thank you in advance any help is much appreciated.

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Don’t use fake reviews to your services. Fiverr ToS is not allowed to do so. So, don’t violate the Fiverr ToS. 🙂 Do much as you can to your buyers and get more good reviews through your good efforts. That’s the way you must consider. 🙂 Keep that going. Good luck with your sales.


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The op could’ve meant feedback, as in helpful comments, not gaming the review system.

First suggestion, use bigger images, even though it might not represent the finished product, it’s a little difficult to see, so buyers will quickly move on.

How about adding a video showing more pictures of possible website designs. Add a youtube link to your portfolio in the description. Use the full 1200 characters for SEO purposes.

Although I see you offer a jpeg of the page for the $5 and upsell the actual webpage in the extras, some buyers might be put off after reading the title that they are getting a webpage, then find out it is a jpeg of the page. A jpeg of a page isn’t really a webpage in today’s world.

As a question of SEO, the initial gig url is great but you could try either adjusting the title and or, offer the full html design until you get one or two good reviews.

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You’re very welcome.

Yes I think that is a good plan* and your profile reads well (I’m being pedantic but I believe it’s “over half a decade’s experience” … with the ’ added).

*Especially if Fiverr continues to roll out the gig packages for all categories. You can then really offer some more meaty services at higher quality higher value.

Some tips to help ranking.

  1. You’ve got a good url but you can then add additional (not duplicates) keywords by adjusting the title.

  2. I’m sure you already know but naming your images in relation to your gig, is good practice here as it is in other website SEO. Same for Video.

  3. Apparently Fiverr likes facebook referred traffic and other authoritative social media sources.

  4. When you reply to your first buyer review, don’t cookey cut canned responses. Add something personal and mention your services. Google will pick this up.

  5. The first few words of the description can form the snippet in
    outside search results. Capitals and highlights do add importance.

The above is also explained by watching Fiverr’s useful podcast service.

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