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My first negative experience with buyer and customer support


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Today I had first negative impression to fiverrr.com. Let me explain the issue.
I have got order for over 6000 words translation. Having spent almost 3 days to complete it I got response from buyer that my translation was machine made, that I’m bad person and so on. Having not provided any proofs of my errors or low quality working he only mentioned other fiver freelancer that told him my work was low quality and machine made.
I had I lot of arguing with buyer asking him to give me samples of my errors but had none. Sure, I refused cancel the order by mutual agreement because it obviously was looking like kinda cheating.
And finally, today, the order was cancelled by Fiverr Customer Support and the order funds have been returned to the buyer without any explanations.
I’m feeling myself really frustrating. The point is I’m not protected at all. Any buyer can ask support to cancel any order and any seller will loose his money and time without any reason - a buyer only needs to want his money back and and saying that job was low quality is quiet enough for money back. It looks like total bull.
I spend few days of my life working hard for small money and finally got nothing without any reasonable explanations. Did anyone have such experience? Is there any way to challenge the support decision?

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Its natural on fiverr. buyers are getting away with work for free and fiverr has no protection for sellers.

What if a buyer challenges you like this:
TRUST ME - I will get all of my money back. :D. I have never lost. You have to refund me! It is the law my friend.

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At last, first comment.
You know, I received answer from support that my order has been cancelled because it had lot of errors. And again I asked them to give me any samples of this errors. And again silence, mo reply from them…
I made only one conclusion from this experience - I’ll never accept more then $15 offers from new buyers again. This is only way to protect yourself from time loosing.
But any way - what you are giving will be returned to you.
Witch such attitude to sellers this resource has no future.

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