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Should I be worried?


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I delivered a custom gig (video animation) through Buyers request, after the buyer had approved the final sample (with watermark on it). He didn’t order the gig until that. Then I formally delivered right after (without watermark) and it’s been 2-3 days since I’ve heard from him.
The past convos we’ve had, he would always say sorry for the late reply, but there’s never been silence for more than 24 hours.
I am brand new here on Fiverr, so I want to be as good to the customer as possible to come off to a good start.
I can see that he is facebook verified and I think I found him. He seems popular. I can also see that he has had 2 gigs as a seller which are paused. Digging down further, he’s made a positive 5 star review to a top seller and the top seller gave him 5 stars as well.
Anyway, what are my options here on Fiverr if I never hear from him again?
I’ve spent a long time on this gig 😦


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