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My Commercial License Template


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Hi guys,

some of you might have had a client or two ask you for the commercial license once they purchase it, or ask if they get something in writing detailing the term of the license. Well, to help my clients feel like they’re not just giving me an extra $20 for my word, I have written up a template. (attached)

I am sharing this because I think it’s a great way for sellers to provide a more professional service. It also gives you a chance to really think about what your service is worth and what kind of terms you want to set for yourself. For example, in my template I specify that they can use my voice for 5 years. (A GREAT deal when it comes to VO imo)

Feel free to leave your suggestions here uf you think you can help improve this. Also, if you’ve taken a look you will notice this is for voice over, you can of course change this to fit your needs,

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I’m not sure if my attachment is showing up, so I’m pasting it here:

Commercial License


Name of Production:_________________________

Talent has provided:________________________________

Client has paid the amount agreed upon on the Fiverr gig page.

The Client has full rights to the voice over provided for 5 years. The file delivered may be used, altered and edited in any way for the duration of the 5 years. The work is exclusive, non-transferable and can be used worldwide.

Agreed To By:

Talent signature: _________________ Date: ___________

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