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Fiverr v/s 8 hours Job in any Company


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Hi All…

  1. On internet there is lots of websites which provide freelancing…I want to know from all of you… why you choose Fiverr?

  2. what you think about job in any company from morning to evening. with the stressed mind… or Sit on your bed or sofa with your laptop and working on Fiverr. ?

    If Fiverr is your priority how much time you spend on Fiverr Daily… for successful on fiverr.

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  1. I choose fiverr cause I don’t need to bid on any project. Client knocks me to get his job done.

  2. There will be problems in every type of job. Doesn’t matter it’s a full time job or freelance job. Matter is how you adopt and manage the problems.

I don’t stay online always to get the orders. I just want to be responsive. I get notification for every messages buyer send me. And I try to reply them as fast as I can.

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