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Accepting of old custom orders when on vacation mode

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So I was on vacation mode for a week. I was travelling and I had very limited internet connection.

Now right before leaving, a buyer was asking me about a gig and I had sent him a custom offer for the same. I thought if he would send me the information fast I could complete it before leaving. But he didn’t reply for hours so I put my profile on vacation mode and left.

When I came back, I realized that the buyer was able to accept the offer and even cancelled it because I didn’t reply for a week !!

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it happen sometimes even i had this problem when i started this selling on fiverr.
We use vacation when we are busy
but , sometime some buyers orders a gig and even cancel them
because of this i had got very bad results that is the cancellation ratio had been increased
so the impresssions of m gig had went down the hill



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I had this problem in June, when I was on vacation in other country, I sent a message to the buyer asking for a cancellation but never replied, then I explained the issue to the Customer Support and they just cancelled the order, so I could keep enjoying my time off 🙂

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