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How to Get That 5-Star Rating Every Single Time!


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Hi fellow sellers!

I highly recommend that you combine ALL of these tips together as opposed to just using one or two. Some of these are more obvious than others, but I’m just sharing my experience with you. I’ve been on fiverr since April 2015. Out of my 172 orders, I have received 140 positive reviews and 32 orders have yet to receive any sort of rating, but that’s before I really started implementing all of the tips below. 🙂

  1. I find that being extremely polite to your client and using their first name while addressing them does wonders (and if they don’t tell you their name, just ask). Treat them like you would a friend or guest in your e-home (gig), not “Buyer #75” or what have you.
  2. Ask and you (usually) shall receive. I use “The P.S. Tactic,” as I like to call it. 🙂 When you deliver their order, at the very end, add a little note for them. Example: “P.S.: Positive ratings mean the world to me and help me out A LOT here on fiverr. Thank you so much! :)” Put simply… Be proactive! A large bulk of my non-reviewed orders, came from sales in which The P.S. Tactic was not utilized. In other words, I was being a bit passive.
  3. Use smiley faces (not in excess, mind you—you want to maintain that professionalism). It shows that you’re both approachable AND friendly.
  4. Be customer service and satisfaction-focused as opposed to $$$ focused. That small, yet vital mental shift will be evident to your client. Now, I understand there are buyers who ask for far too much for just $5, well $4… Just be sure to be kind and flexible all while setting and not giving up your boundaries.
  5. Keep your client updated at all times. Not so much with those 24-hour deliveries, but with the others. When they place that order, thank them as soon as you can and let them know that you’ll start working on their project relatively soon. If the delivery time is up to three days, it would be fine to just contact them again with the completed order. If the delivery time is over three or four days, I’d say message them again and let them know that everything (hopefully) is going smoothly.
  6. Try your very best not to deliver your order last minute. Last minute actually means within the last hour or two. I get how busy we can get from time to time and it’s just not possible to deliver every single thing ahead of schedule. But, trust me—your buyers (more often than not) greatly appreciate it and normally positively comment on that aspect of their experience in your review.

    I know there are times that, no matter what you do and no matter how much sweat and tears goes into the work, you won’t get anything! Not even a single “thank you” OR a “Marked Order as Complete.” This, I would call, “Buyer Ghosting.” Or perhaps they’re just new to fiverr and don’t know how to give you a rating OR weren’t that happy with the service, but were kind enough to abide by the whole, “If you’re going to say something negative, don’t say it at all.” Who knows. What I do know is that, the positive feedback will happen far more often than no feedback or the worst of the worst: negative feedback!

    Think in terms of Courteous, Creative, Kind, and Customer-Conscious and you’re well on your way! Oh, and Communication, too. Alliteration-intended.

    P.S.: Do you have any more tips OR would you like to expand upon my own? If so, please share! 😃
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