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Fiverr Warning for Sharing Skype

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I contacted support for this a while ago about this, please see the below response I recieved.

HI Phillip,

It’s our pleasure 🙂

Please keep in mind that providing or requesting contact information such as s***e is against our Terms of Service unless you have a s***e Gig. If certain information is needed for the completion of a Gig and clearly stated in the Gig title/description then such information is ok to share only on the order page to avoid any confusion.

We’re here if you need anything.


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I had always understood that you can’t share personal details - however I once saw a virtual assistant gig with the seller requesting the buyer’s phone number for direct messaging to increase her productivity.

I asked customer support about this, and they said that it is okay to give personal information (phone number/ s***e) as long as you state so in the gig “I will require your s***e username, and will provide mine” so the user knows this is required before they purchase!

Happy Fiverr-ing

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