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Tough Week on Fiverr, and now it's time to branch out


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Fiverr has really disappointed me this week. Collections screwed up, Withdrawals screwed up, Orders screwed up, and well after bragging 2 weeks ago about the momentum…GONE!

Not sure what is going on, but the editors are slacking, customer service is closing support tickets without provided a solution, and it’s time to branch out. I have put most of my eggs in one basket with Fiverr, but now I must create a ton more gigs! A bit frustrated, but I’m confident that smooth sailing is ahead!


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I believe all these problems are because of the big wave of people coming to Fiverr these days. If that’s the case, then that’s good news for us sellers.

I believe they just got more people than they were supposed to get in a short period of time. Hence the site is suffering the consequences of an overloaded system.

I’ve been a seller for almost a year, and yes, the site have had it’s ups and downs but I always manage to get customers, always manage to get my funds, and that’s what matters.

There are many successful sellers on Fiverr (many with hundreds of orders in queue), so clearly there are more buyers around. And because of that I don’t think Fiverr is going to close any time soon. They just have to fix a few problems and that’s it. 🙂

By the way, most of the sellers never experience any major issue with the system. If that was the case, this forum would be full of people complaining. I know there are many threads complaining about some problems with the site, but that’s nothing if you think of how many sellers Fiverr has. I’ve never experienced any major issue with the system to date.

Best Of Luck.

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The last couple of weeks certainly have been stressing for both buyers, sellers and of course the Fiverr people.

I have not been a member for that long, but have certainly noticed a massive increase in new members and with that, new problems in the last couple of months.

As you said, you’ve vented it out, like I have vented out my annoyance on a couple of topics also. Now type into youtube “motivational videos” and get back to work! 😃

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