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Happiness is... :D


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I was planning to write a post on ‘How to avoid annoying buyers’ . The buyer I was working for made me to re-create an illustration for three times! I was thinking may be offering ‘free unlimited review’ is a bad idea. It was not because I was creating something ugly, obviously! There was a communication gap and some technical difficulties, and I did not received the file she provided.

Anyways, it took three days to complete the order, unusual case for me as my average maximum delivery time for that gig is not more than 24 hours.

Today she got what she wanted, perfectly and tipped me the same amount as the order! And that is what happiness is, being tipped by the buyer when you are dying just to mark the order complete. 😃

Satisfy the buyer, be patient, and do only what you are being asked to do.

Happy gigging! 🙂

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